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Rome · Slash

Fic: 'Simulacra' (Complete)

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Hello, lovely fellow-comm members! This story is finally complete, so I'm posting it here in a single masterpost to avoid spamming the community with individual chapters. I hope you'll read and enjoy, it's been a pleasure to write and share with you all.

Title: Simulacra
Author: neverfaraway
Rating: R
Pairing: Brutus/Cicero, Brutus/Cassius
Words: 46,000

Disclaimer: Rome property Bruno Heller / BBC / HBO, etc.
Notes: HERE.

Summary: Marcus Tullius Cicero and Marcus Junius Brutus both played their part in the destruction of the Roman Republic. While one vacillated on the fringes of power, the other was persuaded to figurehead the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar. With a supporting cast of friends, relatives, eunuchs and conspirators, this is the (somewhat) true story of how it happened.

Prologue // 1: Good Omens // 2: On a Knife’s Edge // 3: The Die Is Cast // 4: Liberators // 5: Born Again // 6: Power and Freedom // 6a: Two Letters on the Subject of Antony // 7: The Bravery of a Nervous Man // 8: A Debt of Nature

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